This is what I’ve been telling myself each morning: “Write before you run.”

That one small statement does wonders for my productivity.

You see each of us has a primary activity that’s most important.

When done consistently first it can create a domino affect.

And that’s when the magic happens!

Discipline is no longer needed ✓

A core habit is developed ✓


We must also deal with the thing that gets in the way.

That one hindrance.

Could be email, social media or phone calls.

Could be staying up late or some other ‘good’ thing.

For me, it’s running.

My days go better smoother and more fulfilled when I write every day.

However, if I don’t do it early, it gets pushed back later and later until I’m scrambling to fit it in.

Yet, when I write before I run in the early morning, my creative juices are primed and words flow.

Though runningis very important, it isn’t my one thing and it doesn’t make the ripple effect that writing does.

What about you?

Not only do you need to determine the 1 priority that can cause a domino effect, you need to proactively protect that time from any lower level distraction.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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