5 Levels of Entrepreneurial Growth

1. Do something
2. Do something consistently
3. Learn to do something better
4. Teach someone to do something for you
5. Do something new

Many times we go from 1 to 3, but skip 2. When we don’t fully and consistently put in work on our own, our learning is premature.

Education isn’t only intellectual, but somatic*.

For example, I had a recent coaching call with a guy who had tons of questions about how to get customers and how to get traffic.

After a few questions, I learned 3 years ago he ran Google ads for a few months, got some customers, but stopped because it was “expensive.”

But hindsight, some of those customers are still buying from him all these years later. Thus it was really incredibly profitable. He just didn’t have the perspective after a few months to understand.

He pretty much did #1 (started)… but after 90 days, #5 (started something new).

Now, after three years he’s coming to me for #3 (learn how to do it better).

Yes, I’ll teach him about lifetime customer value, retargeting, email marketing, and encourage him to have some patience…

But how often do we, start and stop, without putting in enough consistent effort to have a mature perspective.

Next, let’s look at #4: “teach or have someone do it for us” ie delegation.

When it comes to marketing, I’m always telling my clients “learn enough to be dangerous THEN you should start delegating” ie, understand the basics so you’re never taken advantage of.

My best customers understand sales and marketing, even if they don’t love it.

They may not comprehend Google algorithms or ActiveCampaign automations… but they know enough to keep the lights on. They realize, if they can achieve #1–3, then they can proceed to #4 and #5.

Sometimes, we get stuck #2 & #3. Doing and learning… but never moving on to greener pastures… ie, something closer to their unique ability or genius.

This concept can relate to many areas.

Apply it as you see fit.

Just make sure you keep moving… and in the right order.

Of course, if you need a marketing professional to help you reach more people, let me take that off your plate. {schedule a call here}

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig


* Somatic or embodied knowing is experiential knowledge that involves senses, perceptions, and mind-body action and reaction.

In other words… I encourage myself and my clients to put in the work enough to build up a bit of a habit… or muscle memory… transfer the knowledge from head to body… That’s a different type of learning.

When you learn on that level, you tap into an understanding that supersedes conceptual knowledge.

When you know from experience, you perceive or interpret things differently. And should get consulting or training from here, you learn faster and better. :)


Arvell Craig is a marketing consultant and coach. As the CEO of Design That Speaks, he helps businesses grow using sales funnels and email marketing. Learn more at www.DesignThatSpeaks.com

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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