5 Levels of Entrepreneurial Growth

Arvell Craig
3 min readMar 12, 2021

1. Do something
2. Do something consistently
3. Learn to do something better
4. Teach someone to do something for you
5. Do something new

Two things I want to share with you today refer to levels 2 and 4.

Many times we go from 1 to 3, but skip 2. When we don’t fully and consistently put in work on our own, our learning is premature.

Education isn’t only intellectual, but somatic*.

For example, I had a recent coaching call with a guy who had tons of questions about how to get customers and how to get traffic.

After a few questions, I learned 3 years ago he ran Google ads for a few months, got some customers, but stopped because it was “expensive.”

But hindsight, some of those customers are still buying from him all these years later. Thus it was really incredibly profitable. He just didn’t have the perspective after a few months to understand.

He pretty much did #1 (started)… but after 90 days, #5 (started something new).

Now, after three years he’s coming to me for #3 (learn how to do it better).



Arvell Craig

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