On becoming self-aware of true happiness

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” Mark 8:36

Before I get into this article, I want to first highlight a false assumption. That being, the false dichotomy of “either-or thinking” or better yet… the idea of “balance.” In that, life is a linear pendulum with one side is happiness, spiritual health, or peace, and the other side is material wealth and success. Please know that if you begin this article or live with that perspective it will forever be frustrating and unfulfilling.

That being said…let’s begin.




1. Do something
2. Do something consistently
3. Learn to do something better
4. Teach someone to do something for you
5. Do something new

Many times we go from 1 to 3, but skip 2. When we don’t fully and consistently put in work on our own, our learning is premature.

Education isn’t only intellectual, but somatic*.

For example, I had a recent coaching call with a guy who had tons of questions about how to get customers and how to get traffic.

After a few questions, I learned 3 years ago he ran Google ads for a few…

For years I debated whether or not to participate in Black Friday.

Whether as a consumer or entrepreneur, it seemed like participating would make me a pawn in a global capitalist social experiment.

I’ve never been big on shopping, following sales or cutting coupons.

But I recall the year a new friend described how they learned to strategically work Amazon’s retargeting cookies to get the exact deals they were most interested in.

I was amazed.

And slightly envious.

So I started to pay closer attention to Black Friday deals.

My refusal to participate was only costing me. And the older…

As an entrepreneur, its easy to get overwhelmed trying to follow everyone’s advice.

Everyone has an opinion.

But if you can find the nuts and bolts of a simple strategy it will be much more manageable.

For example…

Here are three simple keys to organizing and managing your growth that I learned from two high level entrepreneurs.

For years I recall Gary Vaynerchuk talking about the “religion” of entrepreneurship.

Then, as a member of Self Coaching Scholars from Brooke Castillo, I heard her say many times that business was simple “math” and “drama”

So I want to put these three…

BACKSTORY: In the 2016 presidential elections, email was a controversial topic. Hilary Clinton’s email was leaked or hacked by Russian or something and it was on everyone’s radar.

I decided to sign up for both Trump and Hilary’s email list to see how their strategies differed.

Surprisingly there were HUGE differences between them and I wrote a short article here on Medium about it. (See that article here)

Now it’s 2020, and I just happen to be putting together a brand new class, teaching small business owners about how to do email marketing. …

Image Credit: Jack

Desperation for growth can lead to counterproductive actions. A big and common one having too many ideas in too many directions.

We read too many books, watch too many videos, start too many projects.

Take, for example, you have one major goal.

Because of urgency and stress, we decide to put into motion 3–5 different ideas to increase our chances of success. But 3–5 different ideas means our energy and attention are split.

And with splitting up our energy, we don’t create any daily habits or routines. And without habits, we don’t have momentum, nor compounding interest…

Thus every day…

The more I looked at Covid-19 stats the more worried I got.

So I stopped looking.

The more I scrolled through Facebook and read of friends and loved ones lost to the virus… the more depressed I became.

So I removed Facebook from my phone.

Now we see headlines about George Floyd, injustice, and riots…

Sadness and outrage flows through me… and my initial response would be to disconnect.

To close my eyes and focus on the positive. Find gratitude for my family and health and all that’s good in my life…

But now I see…

Turning away is apart…


This Easter, we remain in quarantine in our homes like Jesus in the tomb...

Our sacrifice of social distancing aims to stop the spreading of a virus.

Jesus’ sacrifice of life was to take away the eternal punishment of sin.

Like many people ignored the threat of the Corona, many people ignore the life and death of Jesus.

Conspiracy theories are sent via DM, claiming “watch this before Facebook deletes it!!”

Books like the DaVinvi code and the Gospel of Thomas, go viral and try to confuse the story of Jesus.

When hearsay meets reality your confusion bows to evidence.

As loved ones die and you’re unable to visit or have a burial, the truth hurts with a bitter sting.

Still not everyone…


I recall an interview with Neil Gaiman on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, discussing the topic of being creative or coming up with ideas…

Gaiman, a prolific and wildly successful author gave some interesting advice.

Based on his own method for stimulating ideas, he said something the key for him was to get bored. Like, very bored.

He mentioned something to the effect that if he could turn down sources of inspiration, imagination and ideas from other people, he would be left to himself.

When he had no where else to turn he would start to generate his own stories.


Image Credit

Yesterday I talked about low-hanging fruit.

For entrepreneurs or freelancers who find themselves against a rock and a hard place, we sometimes need an easy win.

When energy is low and bank account lower… when our range of motion is limited we need to see if there are opportunities close to us.

So I decided to put together a mini-training in hopes of sharing some ideas that can work in any business.


One thing I wanted to address today was a limitations of inspiration and desperation. Especially in the live in creative entrepreneurs.

These two borders can bring fire to our bones.

They help us to invent and evolve and make stuff happen. …

Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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