So I just got this HUGE idea!

Like, maybe not earth shattering for some, but for me and my passions and goals it was like nuclear. A game-change-er!

I was so filled with inspiration; creativity started bubbling over and frothing out of my skin as I sent my fingers typing away on my cell phone.

I went from one thought to the next.

One sub-point onto the second and then the third.

At times I would return to the main idea and color the edges with more insight and detail. Then I’d jump back to the bottom.


After just 20 minutes or so, I finished this first version.

It was signed sealed and emailed to one of my partners as well as my wife, and cc’d to Evernote for my own storage.

But I wasn’t yet done.

Next, I opened up a new Evernote file and wrote a bestselling title and sub-title for my next book.

Based on the frustrations and solutions I had just described, I knew exactly what I wanted to write. That previous page would be the outline for the book!

But then I remember the promise I made to my daughter.

After I wrote my first book, my 8 year daughter struggled grasp to ideas like “sanctified” and “ambition.”

One day she asked me if I would rewrite the book for kids.

I told her no.

But I did say, I would make sure the next book that I wrote, no matter the topic, would be written for her to fully understand.

In thinking of that next book, I wondered if I could write an inspirationsl and helpful book for adults, but maybe as a work of fiction that kids of grasp?

There is something amazing about how fiction authors can insert worldviews and values in the lives of their characters.

Plus everyone loves a good story!

And on a morning like this… it was all good.
I was inspired and felt up to the challenge.

(Technically, I had started a rough draft on Jan 1, but I never got past the first sentence. )

Today it was different.

I rewrote that original sentence and I began to flow.

I created a suspense intrigue in the first paragraph.

I next took some time to show and not tell what was happening with the main character.

I knew eventually I would wax out some impressive principles on productivity and execution, but at present, I was just introducing the characters so the reader would care about what they had to say later on.

Note: I have absolutely no experience or training in any way on storytelling or creative writing. But I have read a few blogs and books on it. I’m a glutton for learning and recently began reading fiction- so sitting dormant in the recesses of my mind are principles like this that only now, I was motived to draw out.

Back to the story…

Eventually I came to a stopping point.

Reading over what I wrote I was proud of myself. It was a great start.

But then, about an hour later my world almost caved in.

As impressed and proud as I was in myself, I soon realized I was not the only person with the HUGE idea.

When I went to register the “HUGEideaDomain”.com, I found it was taken. That unique and inspired brand I wanted use to define my book and business services, possibly for the next 10 years was gone.

Someone already owned it? Impossible!

I Googled the tag line and saw a video posted with it at the top.

Not only was the main idea taken, but the subtitle was used in the exact same way I was planning! :(


I recall when I found out that my most passionate idea for a book, “die empty” was purchased and used by someone else, I took it VERY personal. I retreated. I assumed since it was taken and I wasn’t first, that it was over.

Though I owned for maybe 10 years before this guy, he bought and wrote the book first. I didn’t know what else to do.

To be honest I’ve had many ideas that I thought were original but because of procrastination and lack of commitment I waited and someone else created them.

But check it. It’s 2016. It’s not 2011. And I’m not the guy I once was.

You see, I’ve learned a few things. And one thing I strongly believe… in the uh… explicit vernacular of Gary Vaynerhuck, is that ideas are S#!T.

It’s not about the idea. It’s about the execution.

MySpace was an idea. And Facebook was a later copy of that same idea.

And so, I took a moment. I breathed.

I resolved that I don’t care and that I still believe in it. I chose to believe I will win. I will do it and use it to help people. Period. Whatev —

I will be known for it, and that’s that.

Create a Great Day! — AC


What’s Your Huge Idea?
Do you have a plan to get it out? Win or lose, succeed or fail — are you going to execute?

For 2016, I’m gong to be completely transparent in how I’m executing and marketing my brand and ideas.

If by any chance, you’d be interested in following along in the journey. I am opening up and sharing my life and story absolutely for free. (Well, free for the first 50 people or so. Then I’ll charge a very very small amount. )

The content will be presented 1x per month — a comprehensive and real time case study of my marketing and productivity strategies. To learn more, please fill out a 5 question survey at:

Create a Great Day! — AC

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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