An Imaginative and Introspective View on Opportunities Around and the Challenges Within

Though I try to be courageous, if I don’t intentionally challenge myself, I’ll tend to stick with the familiar.

It’s easy.
It feels wise.
It feels safe.

Universally you will be called, “good” if you behave like most. Maintain accessibility and responsiveness to others. Follow along with norms or traditions, and generally fit in.

Sadly a lifetime of this builds a habit of stuffing, ignoring, and procrastinating on who we were actually born to become.

But I imagine that one rarely discussed benefit on the internet-age is the freedom to discover and tap into hidden passions and potentials…

Below is a fictional story of a “Lexy”… A woman who after 30+ years of living within the cultural boundaries, becomes seduced to become so much more…

Born in into a middle class family in 1970's. Raised in a midwest city with Christian values and a strong work ethic.

For years Lexy did what was “right” in terms of what her family wanted… Followed what she thought God wanted, and kept instep with advancements of friends and peers.

But then the internet came along and Lexy’s curiosity led her explore topics of interest and pleasures.

While some used the web’s privacy and secrecy to feast on sites of forbidden taboo… Lexy was driven to binge on intellectual pleasures.

As a child she was always creative and curious, but never was giving permission. Not that her single mother forbade her from taking her art or music seriously… But the model that Lexy saw from her aunts and uncles all illustrated the discipline of hard work, sacrifice, total loyalty to the employer bearing the burden of providing you a check every two weeks.

But now Lexy’s explorations have brought ads and offers seducing her to take her interests into full blown side-hustles.

Invitations came in for online classes and webinars.

Groups and communities of likeminded women were scratching their creative itch, finding purpose, contribution, and significance became overwhelming.

Yet fighting against her are familiar voices…

“Don’t get too carried away.” The voices say.

“Keep your eyes on your career!”

But those voice were all very familiar.

20 years previously when Lexy showed musical promise in high school, her mom would say:

“Baby-girl, don’t get carried away with that music... Keep on you studies so you get into a good school.”

A “good school” or a “good man” or a “good job” was always the alternative to pursuing something beyond average…

“Good” was the moral center making anything outside its border… ‘bad?’

“Shoot for “greatness?” No. Stick with what’s good.

“The higher you climb, the further you can fall.” — Right?

Greatness. Passion. Self. Pride. All extended beyond the secure boundaries of ‘good.’ And thus, forbidden.

Responding to the needs of others? That sounds like a good thing.

It’s “not good” to prioritize your own agenda.

Then, months of this conflict turns into years.

So Lexy might struggle for years…

Yes, she has access to unimaginable opportunities.

But she’ll always struggle with her past story. Her former reality.

New ideas are great, but if your identity will fight against you.

Yes, we’re drawn to articles, books and podcasts that challenge us, but more than knowledge we must seek people who can free us from limited beliefs and sabotaging behaviors.

I love how the internet is bringing us so many opportunities and ideas. Entrepreneurship is at the finger tips of all of us.

As a marketer, I’ve spent almost two decades helping other businesses find their audience and tell their story.

I’m glad to be in business of getting meaning services in front of people.

Yet I’m also aware of how our past identity and beliefs will fight against our potential.

So what will you do?

This article is a bit of ramble of a few different ideas, but I hope you’ll take something.

…have a fresh look at the opportunities around and the challenges within.

Create a Great Day! — AC

Arvell Craig is a marketing guy, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, etc. @

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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