Are You Burnt Out on Zoom Meetings Yet?

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Yesterday a friend said she was getting tired of Zoom calls.

What originally was novel.

Now’s getting old.

Too much of a thing can get old.

Variety is the spice that’s needed right?

But spice doesn’t come from the “new” only the “different.”

As my friend talked, she contrasted virtual zoom calls, with the simpler effectiveness of our phone conversation.

We connected.

Exchanged ideas.

Contributed meaningfully to one another.

The simplicity of a phone achieved what high technology was lacking.

At least for the moment.

I’m sure if we talked hours daily, she’d long for any other type of communication.

Same can happen with our loved ones whom we are constantly seeing in quarantine.

Maybe you didn’t spend enough time with your family weeks or years prior. And after weeks of sharing space, you feel that empty cup filling.

But then as it overflows you want a change.

So to bring this idea to a close, it reminds me of my digital marketing business.

I deal in the old and the new.

Chatbots and Email Marketing.

One which is shiny and bright or trendy to some.

The other which is as old as the internet itself. Overflowing with some junk and some necessary and everything in between.

So how can I use this theory to position myself as a solution across the board?

And what’s the hook here for you?

What if there is space for everything, as long as we read the signs, the ebbs and the flows.

Restaurants and dentists and clubs will soon be surging.

Until then…

Find your pocket.

Find the counterbalance.

Be flexible and serve the right person with the right message at the right time.

And if you mess up or mix it up, be patient.

It’ll come around again.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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