Becoming a Tool in the Guru’s Quiver

A few years ago I sat still while the guru spoke.

His communication was polished and charisma electric. But his ideas were far from accurate.

I sat.


Having neither judgment nor jealousy for by this stage in my career I’d learned how little value truth and perfection held.

Not that he was lying.

But his ideas were just not free of error.

Then I watched the onlookers.

With sparkles in their eyes and mouths cresting up, we gazed upon our company’s savior.

For it surely couldn’t be me.

I knew my 15 years of experience wasn’t enough.

My ability to lead was lacking, communication and vision casting absent.

Sure I could spout off a more authentic marketing strategy and plan, but what use was that when people didn’t need authenticity or truth.

They needed hope.

And hope doesn’t come from the mouths of nerds, perfectionist or passionate idealist. It comes from authority and certainty. Things I didn’t possess at the time.

So while everyone looked to the guru…

I realized I’d just become an arrow in his quiver.

My Summary

A time may come when we must transition from gaining tactics to maturing in leadership. From IQ to EQ, from hard skills into soft. For our truth and talent is not all that is needed.

Can we become a man or woman who gains trust or tribe? This is an entirely different ability than having all the answers.

But if we cannot learn this type of leadership, we should at least be a respectful servant of those who step up, and call the shots.

Create a Great Day — AC

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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