Does Participating in Black Friday Make Me a Pawn in a Global Capitalist Pig Social Experiment?

For years I debated whether or not to participate in Black Friday.

Whether as a consumer or entrepreneur, it seemed like participating would make me a pawn in a global capitalist social experiment.

I’ve never been big on shopping, following sales or cutting coupons.

But I recall the year a new friend described how they learned to strategically work Amazon’s retargeting cookies to get the exact deals they were most interested in.

I was amazed.

And slightly envious.

So I started to pay closer attention to Black Friday deals.

My refusal to participate was only costing me. And the older I get, the more reluctant I am to waste money.

Now I’m wondering if my perspective has costs me in business too?

Am I limiting myself by avoiding, judging or assuming things that are not necessarily true?

Some of us try to be different.

We try to be above the hype.

But there’s a cost to go against the crowd. And there’s a benefit to flowing with what already works.

( a few weeks ago I explored this topic via an IG video called, “replicate before your innovate” the idea was on how some of us creatives slow down our progress trying to be different )

But back to the topic…

So I decided to release a Black Friday Deal in my businesss.

Maybe there some some who only buy when sales are offered.

And if you value life time value over average cart value, you focus on acquiring customers.

So these are the reasons I’m letting go of my assumptions on being a capitalist pawn.

Maybe it could be a win win to join the crowd in this one area.

What do you think?

( and while you’re thinking, take a glance at: )

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