A Rant of an Entrepreneur in Crisis

For the past few weeks I’ve been straddling between armageddon and opportunity.

Speechless as clients hit the brakes on projects.

Renege on agreements.

Dropping me from their bottomline to hunker themselves down for worst case scenarios.

Can’t argue with that right?

It’s survival of the fittest right?

At least with small businesses, who can blame them for throwing extra weight off the boat.

But on the other hand…

I’ve trained myself to be proactive and not reactive. To swivel, sway and adjust to any and all storms.

So I begin swimming in grandiose ideas of promise.

… new markets should be sprouting between the rubble.

The savvy invest when stock are low right?

As insta-hustlers and podcast coaches boast about businesses thriving in crisis…

I start looking for my share of the pie.

On Instagram I posted videos of hope and stories of positivity.

On LinkedIn I published articles on resilient mindsets that help us navigate the emotion rollercoasters we all face.

I want to be a light.

I want be a reflection of my highest ideals and most admirable attributes.


Week by week and bleak by bleak things change.

My optimism takes a dip.

Washed in a bath of disturbing statistics and dwindling death rolls…

As old friends in Detroit post startling reports of deaths of acquaintance.

Young. Healthy. But now gone too soon.

When tried and true acquisition strategies are ignored like billboards on road trips.

I began to say… “shoot… this is really getting serious”

Next I see proud capitalist signing up for SBA stimulus loans. So I drop my pride and follow along.

And so a new thought enters into consciousness:

“Perhap things will never return to normal?”

Like the change of a century. Or the transition from BC to AD.

Is it possible that a new age will spring forth?

Not out of greed or selfishness.

Not as a hoarder.

But it’s the characteristic I’ve been developing for almost 20 years.

“Be vigilant”


“Keep your eyes open”

“Live with purpose”

“Die empty”

From simple cliche and hallmark quotes, to heartfelt statements of purpose.

“I’d rather die believing than live in unbelief” — Smith Wigglesworth

The entrepreneur of 2020 believes in turning every heartache and downturn into a story.

A story which can be empathetic and attract connection.

To be a light in darkness.

To share when everyone else is closing up — silent. Afraid. Defensive.

Can my mess become a message when I expose my hurt and fear?

This is at least, what I’ve heard. (Brene Brown)

Following the words of Simon Sinek… if people know WHY you do what you do, your what is more easily digested.

Times like this (COVID-19) allow some of us to share what we’re made of.

Times like this allow everyone to contribute to the health of the nation. Even if we’re not on the frontlines, in hospitals or grocery stores.

With social media will all get access to shape and influence. We can help the mental crisis by sharing positivity.

Even if it’s weak and broken.

Even if clients cancel. Or walk-in traffic is almost illegal. If quarterly goals are missed by miles…

Our vigilance remains alive.

The entrepreneurial spirit continues to rise each and every morning.

Through crisis or climax.

We live.

We share.

We create.

Because the alternative is empty.

The alternative of acting like average is death to our souls.

In the words of William Wallace, “all men die. But not all men really live.”

Living is renewed with each sunrise and each breath.

We receive the gift of the present and we turn it into something of value to those who listen.

To those who hunger for the food we serve.

We show up daily and make the best meal we can.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig, Coach, CEO



Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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