HAMO: Help a Marketer Out

3 Things You Can Do When Hiring a Marketing Agency or Consultant

Marketers are generally great with tactics, tools and platforms.

But they’re strangers to your business.

Your customers are completely foreign to them.

You are the expert.

And what lies in your head and day to day operations is the real key to success.

I’ve found that improving a marketing campaign lies heavily in what clients brings to me.

Here are three things you can bring to a marketer, to help them, help you:

The better we know how your prospect is suffering without you, the better we can paint a story of how your product solves that pain.

Marketing that starts with features and benefits is far less effective than market that calls out pain, then solves it.


Save $1000 on Invisalign” vs. “Is yo’ teeth jacked?

LOL. Sorry…

Probably wouldn’t say that.

Maybe something like, “When the photographer says, “cheeeese” do you say, “Hmmmm?”


You get the idea. :)

This is how blogging, email marketing, content marketing, social media, etc. works… well… when it actually works.

Only you as the expert or owner can put together content that demonstrates you can help.

Then a marker can make it pretty, can repurpose it in audio, video or written formats…

…we can buy ads showcasing how good you are, or train a chatbot to show it during the sales conversation.


  • Your company probably needs to make capturing content it a HABIT
  • Open your phone DAILY and video record customer testimonials
  • Record memos and case studies
  • Capture thoughts and interesting perspectives
  • Take photos of your office, your computer, your trip to Lowes
  • Video your 60 second commercial at network meetings
  • Record your best customer’s testimonial when schmoozing at the golf course

Bring all that to your marketer EVERY WEEK and they can authentically market you.

The fastest way to bring you sales is targeting your current customers and network.

But you need to always capture emails and cards.

Every contact can become a “custom audience” for ad campaigns.

Let me repeat that….

EVERY CONTACT (phone or email) you have, can be uploaded to Google Ads or Facebook Ads and then be targeted for ad campaigns!!

Why start from scratch when you can start with people who already know you?

Make certain your offer works with existing contacts before trying to sell to strangers!

Makes sense right?

… cool.

Friend, a marketing agency or consultant rarely will have any of these three items.

But you have the power to make their work easier… which in turn will make your business more profitable.

Create a Great Day!

ArvellYour Trusted Marketing AdvisorCraig

Arvell Craig is a marketing guy, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, etc. @ chatbotfunnels.me

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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