How Automation and Personalization Work Together in Business

I think it’s easy to get this twisted.

You think the choice between automation or personal touch is binary but it isn’t.

In fact, I see the strongest brands don’t pick either-or, but see both-and.

I’ve got two completely different business models to discuss.

Both will help you achieve automation and a personal touch.

First example is a client, Yellow Letters Complete.

I’ll admit, I knew nothing about this industry.

But ten years ago they formed a business to provide a personal touch in direct mail.

Located in Northwest corner of Wisconsin, the company handwrites envelopes, letters and sometimes post-it notes in bulk direct mail marketing.

When it would seem direct mail had lost its way, Yellow Letters Complete found that note just handwritten fonts, but truly handwritten envelopes could make direct mail campaign skyrocket with 10% response rates and higher.

Ten years later they’ve found a way to add automations and subscription services to their business bringing speed and personalization.

So many businesses run Facebook and Google Ads to generate leads but the response and follow up can still be a struggle.

But if your business captures addresses like for real estate investing you now to integrate your CRM to Yellow Letters Complete’s production process.

I like this combination as most companies wouldn’t have time to manually hand address envelopes but with a service that integrates with your ClickFunnels or Lead Ads you’ve got a smooth and effective process to get the highest response rate on your data.

Your choice isn’t old school or new school, personal touch or automation; but both.

Check them out at:

Second Example: Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

The initial thoughts about chatbots can be annoyance and misinformation.

Some people assume chatbots are all about artificial intelligence, and quite ineffective as well.

Yet those with experience with company who do Conversational marketing right understand the difference.

The true post of conversational marketing and chatbots is the blend of automation and personalization.

When users visit a website and they get 24/7 real-time feedback, engagement answers the feel heard.

In an ideal situation you receive a live agent chatting with you when necessary who takes care of your needs individually.

Chatbots are not like websites that take but don’t give. They acknowledge the presence of one or hundreds of people at the same time with delay.

If that isn’t personalization and automation, I don’t know what is!

The shift you need is all in the mind.

You don’t add a Chatbot to lower leads expectations not to abdicate responsibility for service.

No. You are serving each and every person faster, without needing to increase you costs or sales or support staff.

You share the responsibility of handling needs with automation and personalization.

This is the best way to do it.

Growing companies need automation but if they care of the user experience and want to make each individual feel understood it requires automation.

Outsource without Selling Out

Yellow Letters Complete can handle making your direct mail personal at scale while automating your order process.

You can’t compete with automation with personalization.

Most companies will decide to pick one but not the other. Or maybe they’ll pick neither.

But you are different.

Whatever choice you make, I know you’ll be successful.

You’ve read this article and you know the choice isn’t either or, it’s both.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

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