How Quarantine Puts Ego to Sleep & Awakens Creativity

I recall an interview with Neil Gaiman on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, discussing the topic of being creative or coming up with ideas…

Gaiman, a prolific and wildly successful author gave some interesting advice.

Based on his own method for stimulating ideas, he said something the key for him was to get bored. Like, very bored.

He mentioned something to the effect that if he could turn down sources of inspiration, imagination and ideas from other people, he would be left to himself.

When he had no where else to turn he would start to generate his own stories.

Such is the method of a master.

I’ve always believed that masters, experts, and talented individuals didn’t only possess the unique gift for their craft. But they also possessed a unique discipline for putting the necessary monotonous practice required to develop their talent.

Such is the case from this focused and forced strategy from Neil Gaiman.

Today, via the coronavirus, those who are not sick or suffering are gifted with a rare opportunity.

Though the internet has an infinite catalogue of brain numbing or brain. building content…

…with thousands of hours being produced by the minute… I’m certain many of us are falling into boredom. But could this not be a great thing?

Could boredom be a gift to spark an evolution?

If we embrace the boredom from quarantine, maybe that could shake dormant creative juicy out from years of slumber?

I think it’s start to for me…

After 4 weeks or so of my own enduring highs low, fears and distraction… After taking online courses, building online courses, catching up on old show, discovering new show… finally…

I’m starting to peel open facets of my creative self that were asleep.

e.g., I posted this poem on Instagram last week:

I walk 🚶🏾‍♂️around the block as sun takes its dip…⁣

Reflecting on my day; ⁣

tasks done. ⁣

goals hit. ✅⁣⁣

Shaking off the worries from global pandemic. ⁣

Imagination’s better used⁣

with posts #poetic. 🙂⁣⁣

For fear is an illusion ⁣

of a future still unproven.⁣ Place my gaze upon the blessings⁣. Breath and health and wealth confessing. ⁣

👍 yeah⁣⁣

Quarantine makes write…⁣

Laying out these lyrics ⁣like my 20 year old spirit; ⁣dreams of Grammys, stages, wages,⁣ Teachin, preachin, prophet, sages⁣…⁣

Not the best poem I’ve ever written.

Nothing great about it at all.

But the process was refreshing.

So much of what I do and share is filled with business intent. Significance and purpose or praise or prosperity, etc.

Yet there is the other part of me that just loves the art. Loves the journey. Wants to evolve and express and watch manifestation take place before my eyes or by my hands…

Dreaming into reality.

But happen only when everything else is put to sleep…

Create a Great Day! — AC

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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