How Single-Minded Focus and Accountability Leads to Massive Growth

Arvell Craig
4 min readOct 19, 2020

Desperation for growth can lead to counterproductive actions. A big and common one having too many ideas in too many directions.

We read too many books, watch too many videos, start too many projects.

Take, for example, you have one major goal.

Because of urgency and stress, we decide to put into motion 3–5 different ideas to increase our chances of success. But 3–5 different ideas means our energy and attention are split.

And with splitting up our energy, we don’t create any daily habits or routines. And without habits, we don’t have momentum, nor compounding interest…

Thus every day or week we muster up willpower and cognitive efforts of decision and choice between all our ideas. And in conclusion, the progress among the various activities is all very slow. Weeks or months or years go by before we can honestly gather enough data points to even evaluate the ideas to even realize if they are working or not.

THIS ^ is a very common pitfall.

It’s sad and strange because it all springs from good intentions, but a false belief that doing more is better than doing less.

In reality, I don’t think many of us even get to the conclusion of the weakness of this…



Arvell Craig

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