“Content. Content. It’s all about content!”

But my question is: ‘how do you keep producing? Doesn’t it take inspiration and creativity and substance?’

‘We don’t want to be blabbing meaninglessness.

We don’t want to become noise for people to tune out right?’

Well… No.

If you’re asking those questions, you’re already off.

Let me share with you three proven ways to be prolific and continually create content.

1. The Momentum of Habit ( do it daily )

The first thing I learned about being prolific was that creating or publishing daily was easier that creating weekly.

Sharing content weekly or intermittently does not create a habit. It doesn’t build muscle memory or help you shift into automatic or unconscious behavior.

Yes, it can become easier and you can find benefit from weekly production. But becoming prolific or able to become a thought leader isn’t really possible at that tempo.

Thought leaders capture the attention of their followers or fans at a much higher frequency.

If you want to increase your impact and decrease the willpower needed, you need to create daily.

It will get easier and easier.

You will actually become a different person by operating on a daily basis.

2. Make Your Environment Support Your Goal

Now I will admit… Momentum and habit are important.

However you’ll still be looking for inspiration.

However if you just hope for it but don’t create it, you will really miss out.

Why leave it up to fate? Why wait for the muse?

Instead you need to create an environment to help you create.

Plug your ears to a podcast or music… focus your eyes to videos that inspire you.

If you have ambition to be a voice for your time, your desire was in part instigated by some other person.

If you’ve ever been motivated in the past, that same source can often help again.

Recently I began to audit the sources of my ideas.

I realized that for seasons, I could trace my content from specific people…. Months of listening to GaryVee had me wanting to create like him.

Months of listening to Russell Brunson has me want to create and promote and speak like him.

Months of listening to the Onething podcast had me wanting to speak like them.

Work environments or social circles?

Sure! However for me, I work from home or a coworking space, so my social environment isn’t consistent.

But the podcasts that speak in my ear are daily. And they affect me greatly!

At times, certain mentors and advisors directly affect me…

And now it’s more clear that I MUST instigate creating an environment that supports what I want to speak about.

If I’m ever lost of words or ideas, I just need to change my environment.

Physical or Mental.

Both can do the job immediately.

3. Silence Judgement and Inner Criticism

Lastly, there is one thing you must remove.

You must silence your judgement and inner criticism.

If you let it live, you will over think.

You will filter out 80% ideas for 90–95% ideas.

Yes, there’s a small chance your content will be better, however your volume will be 1/10 as much!

If you can be ok with… B level content you can create daily and in a few months, become a powerhouse of A level content based on habit continuous improvement.

If you wait for A+ level content, it may come once or twice a month.

And every time to create, there will be no momentum.

I have spent most of my adult life …. Trying to be more productive, thinking about #1.

I learned the power of daily routines and habits from running marathons.

Then the power of environment hit me when I took a vacation to Paris and was amazed at how little inspiration I had.

I assume taking a break from the noise of work would allow me to be more creative.

However the lack of voices left me searching for what I really wanted to say unaided…

But finally, I believer the #3 idea, about simply silencing the voice of my judgement and criticism is the most important area to focus on.

In spite of the external factors, sticking to our decisions and creating without fear or judgement is an everlasting value.


Stop Consuming and Start Creating Today!

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

Arvell Craig is CEO of Chatbot Funnels — a chatbot consulting company that helps businesses create conversational chatbots to qualify leads and book sales meetings.


Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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