How to Gamify Your Chatbot Funnel

Arvell Craig
2 min readJun 6, 2018

Gamification is a great way to engage your customers and build brand loyalty. By inserting game elements into your marketing campaigns like a point systems, prizes, and rewards, you can make it worth their while to share your brand’s message.

The idea is that it can increase your emotional connection with your consumers and leads to longer-lasting relationships.

Messenger is the perfect environment for adding gamification — it’s almost native for it, because of the personal feel users get from interacting with your Chatbot. Users already report that Messenger makes them feel that businesses care about them — so show them your business is not only caring, but fun!

“Increase your emotional connection with your consumers”

Strategies for Gamification in Messenger

  1. Use a Point System

When a person clicks on a button of any kind they will increase the points that they have with you. Think of how Panera Bread adds points when people come into the store. You can do the same in Messenger as people click buttons.

2. Give Out Badges or Titles for Clicks

When your Messenger subscribers reach a certain level of points based on clicks, reward them with a catchy title, like “Rock Star” or “King James!” or a silly badge like “Level 1 Booyah Badge!”

3. Unlock Prizes Based on Score

After you finish with the silly title… start unlocking real incentives. Allow users to access prizes (like coupons) or give-aways based on their score. This gives them add motivation stay active in your chatbot.

Maybe you’ll ping someone after a few days absence: “You just lost 2 points… Come back today and get double credit!”

4. Show a Leaderboard

Using a leaderboard adds a strong social element. Maybe you a running a 30 day challenge or one month promotion. Showcase the status of each person and you’ll get some friendly competition stirring.

Think eBay for an excellent example of using competition to increase user excitement and interest in purchasing goods.

5. Use a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Element

By including several different options of games to play, or different prizes to choose from for different levels, you increase your users’ sense that they’re involved in a real adventure. This is another incentive to keep consumers engaged and clicking.

6. End Your Daily Message with a Hook

End your funnel for that day with a soap opera-style cliffhanger hook. What will be revealed the next day? This gives your customers a reason to return regularly and find out what is waiting for them around the next corner so to speak.

The bottom line is that although gamification isn’t new, it’s still a huge trend in marketing. Gamification gets people to engage with your company in a fun, personalized way that makes them want to share your brand with their friends. As Jay Baer put it, “Activating the voices of your happy consumers is one of the best things you can do for your brand.”

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