Making the Best of the Jackedupness of Corona with High Heels and Ankle Weights

Working from home is something I’ve done on and off for 18 years.

The same isn’t true for my wife.

So when I saw her at the kitchen table… seated with cushions for butt, back, and wrists, I thought it was cute how she was getting on.

Then I looked under the kitchen table…

I promised her I wouldn’t snap any pics of what I saw**… but needless to say… Facebook isn’t the only place to LOL. :)

In-spite of the hilarity, I had to give it to her for making the best of an inconvenient situation.

(**High heels helped her reach the ground with comfort for 8 hours+ ankle weights allowed for interval strength work.)

Things which normally wouldn’t mix were hacked together.

She found a way to soothe the present while building for the future.

Her example inspired me to write up this article. To challenge and inspire you a bit.

Are you ok with opening your mind and thinking a bit differently?

We have to make the best of the jacked-up-ness of this corona pandemic.

And “making the best” may need to get a little dirty… maybe even politically incorrect.

Sometimes the best will happen, only when we juxtapose our peace with pleasure, our protection with our purpose.

Shoot… we may have to throw everything at this problem until we find something that will stick.

I feel it’s time to take the gloves off.

What are you waiting for?

I imagine you’ve had ideas, dreams, goals and plans, and the temptation is to put everything on hold.

A new reason to procrastinate.

Many are assuming this will pass quickly.

People assume we will all go back to normal, and we just need to endure until then.

But is this true?

I don’t want to be negative…

I’m actually, for the most part a positive and driven individual.

But now…

I feel like throwing on high heels and ankle weights to maximize this season while I wait.

Things are getting serious right?

The situation has gone beyond mere economic hardships. Its life or death for many!

If you can feel the weight of the situation, I urge you to act like it.

But not in pessimism. In creation and innovation!

Your business doesn’t have to be on the frontline of the sick and suffering to be a resource for hope and progress.

Sometimes it’s just the willingness to keep showing up and sharing hopeful ideas. Every little bit helps. We can all matter!

We really can’t have too much optimism right now.

Yet even more than hope and optimism is strengthening our capacity…

Being strong and increasing your ability to endure.

What if… when all is said and done, you don’t just “survive” but you’ve got aspects of yourself which have grown??

Is that even possible?

To grow stronger and better when facing a storm?

Of course it is!

Contrary to popular belief, growth that doesn’t happen by accident.

Just like age doesn’t equal maturity.

You actually need to strap on extra weights to condition yourself for growth.

You need to turn down your sensitivity to criticism and distraction and start showing up everyday.

Endure on purpose.

Then do it again and again. Everyday.

Yeah… let that ^ be my message today.

My way of tossing out an inconvenient seed… which, if planted…

…and if watered…

Could, after some time, make us stronger.


Much more than we were before this storm.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig


Arvell Craig is the CEO/Founder of, a speaker, author, coach, and marketing consultant.

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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