Musings on Success. Discomfort. Pleasure. Growth.

You can “feel” successful and happy for any reason you invent.

Some of us can get happy just with our mouths.
a warm chocolate chip cookie. a smooth cabernet. a sizzling filet mignon.

Or maybe our happiness comes on the weekend with a good movie? (or in the bathroom with funny IG videos?)

Still some of us get high and happy endorphins after a hard workout or long run.

My issue is, can these familiar / controllable pleasures create a false success?

Stay with me …

What I mean is, could we procrastinate tougher challenges and more meaningful growth because we settle for familiar wins?

You see, success is a feeling.

And YOU define the rules.

For some, their rules are having “safety” and “security.”

For others it’s “freedom” … or having “no responsibility” and nobody calling or needing them.

Still for some they want to generate lots of money to enjoy or contribute to various causes.

And yes of course… some simply want to “look” better than the Joneses.

The big picture here is having self-awareness.

Do you know yourself and can you see the conscious or unconscious tendencies leading you to quick / fast easy-ish success?

And are you okay? Are you settling?

However you evaluate your life, day or week, you will now be able to see two paths:

A. Do something tough and challenging… something requiring sacrifice and discomfort with less than a 100% chance of success.

OR …

B. You choose something you’ve done before with instant gratification. You can ‘escape’ from any disappointment or challenge and get an instant shot of surface level pleasure.

No judgement on your choice.

But for those of us who want to become the kind of person who can endure challenges…

Maybe we have been blind to notice how we settle for thin wins.

I know I have.

That’s why I’m writing this. I know how to make myself happy. I know how to change the rules to save face, and keep my emotions pleasant.

Seeing the truth is not always pretty.

For example, looking at my traveling, speaking and writing…

They all bring “attention” but not always sales.

I “hope” they will turn readers and watchers into clients but it happens a lot less than I’d like.

Should I consider picking up the phone and cold calling?

Oh no! Never!

Instead of doing something challenging and uncomfortable that is more likely to bring business, I settle for “content” and “travel” that generates “likes” and “comments” and praise from social media, but isn’t helping the business grow.

“Are you saying content creation and speaking doesn’t bring business?”

No, I’m not saying that exactly.

Content “can” bring business.

I have gotten “some” business from speaking and writing but…

The key point is recognizing the easy quick wins that bring cheap success.

Thin success.

Attention. Praise. Popularity are easy and “feel” good.

But to dig deep and take paths rarely traveled, is what will bring real breakthrough.

Don’t keep doing the same things.

No, because it’s insanity.

Change and challenge yourself because it will help you grow.

Internally and eventually externally.

Create a Great Day!

— Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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