My Accidental Secret to Networking Success and Inbound Leads

Arvell Craig
3 min readOct 2, 2023


For years I tried networking and live events for getting business. Yes, it worked, but it wasn’t fun nor was there any leverage.

Pay in cash to attend.

Pay in time to travel.

Hope that fate would divinely connect me to ideal prospects.

For hours, I’d pass out cards and fake smiles to everyone who gave a little eye contact. At least at live events, they’ve got liquor to help take the edge off. LOL.

So I never got real value from networking or events until I learned this one hack.

It was honestly an accident.

One day, I volunteered to lead a workshop.

While I was nervous and my presentation was far from polished… people started coming to me throughout the rest of the event.

From the moment I walked off the stage and continued at lunch, or while at the bar (yes, the edge was still there), and even the following day while sitting on another session.

I’d hear, “Hey, weren’t you the guy talking about XXX yesterday? Can you tell me more about what you guys do?”

No longer did I need to be Mr. Gregarious Vaynerchuck. No more chasing everyone down just to make my quota.

I became immediately noticed. Trusted. And an authority.

Now — little did I know (with the help of a pandemic and a temporary end to live events) this same strategy works on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn influencers are immediately noticed. They’re trusted. And the authority is transferrable to whatever hashtag or interest.

When influencers post, like, or comment on the platform, they attract more people than the average platform.

No need to spend money on ads.

Advertising on social is like sponsors at tradeshows. Sure they get attention, but it’s different than speakers who are seen as leaders.

Do YOU want to be a leader?

If you aren’t the type who wants to send 100 InMails every day, I want to show you a better way.

My friend Cory Warfield has helped over 70 professionals over the last year learn what it takes to become an influencer.

They attract ideal leads daily.

They are seen.

✓ And the right people, reach out to them.

Now, I don’t know how important you feel it is to have a platform and brand that draws prospects to you…

But if you’d like to know exactly what it takes to update your profile and influence the LinkedIn algorithm in your favor, email me at:, subject: “Linkedin Influencer” to get started.


Since 2015 I’ve been building my brand as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. I’m considering putting together some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned to get BOOKED and get CLIENTS from speaking at live events.

This will NOT be sold. But I’ll create it as a bonus for anyone interested in Cory’s LinkedIn Influencer Machine training. If that’s you, email me at:, subject: “Linkedin Influencer” and mention you also want keynote speaking secrets as well.

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