For months now, I’ve been transitions from consulting to coaching...

Though clients differ in experience and age, this week I noticed a similar hinderance.

A pattern common in many of us, but it deceptively sabotages genuine progress.

The pattern is focusing on what’s “next” and not what’s “NORTH.”

Let me explain…

Oftentimes in mastermind groups or coaching sessions, we focus on the current pain or loudest issue.

But current issues may not be relevant to the big picture.

Fixing problems and temporary pains can be irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

With trees like skyscrapers in every direction.

You can’t rely on what you see now to guide you to the destination.

So you rely on your compass.

It keeps you heading toward your ultimate goal.

Let’s call this goal, “NORTH.”

But the problem is you can’t always go north.

You encounter mountains, ditches and lakes…

So your “next step” is to deal with THAT problem.

Walk around the water.

Climb over the rocks.

And every time you pass an obstacle, you turn back to your compass to direct towards NORTH.

Well… that’s what we should do.

We should constantly review where NORTH is.

But what I notice is, those of us in the wilderness for a long time, learn really well to count obstacles, track distance, and measure steps.

We’ve embraced that fact that the journey is long and hard and requires endurance.

And so we focus on the moment by moment needs to keep moving.

And movement has become = to progress.

And some will measure their progress by comparing to others.

No we haven’t hit the goal yet, but heck… we’re at least putting in the necessary work!

Woo Hoo! We’re grinding!!!

(And from what we see on Facebook, we’re pretty much on par with everyone else! )

The “NORTH” we wanted is exchanged for just measuring moments and preparing for what’s next.

NORTH becomes vague and ellusive.

While the next few steps is all that matters.

Now or what’s next is more tangible, that what’s NORTH.

And tangible = safe + secure. Even if it’s not relevant.

But what happens when you train yourself to look for NORTH?

— You can disregard many of the obstacles you face because they are not important to the ultimate goal!!

That “next” issue before you may not even be worth fighting.

“YES — you want to grow your Instagram follwers to 10,000 so that you can “inspire” more people…. but don’t miss that lady right next to you in need. You can reach her right now!

“YES — you a client just fired you and you’re revenue is dropping $2,000 per month… but don’t forget they were a pain in the neck and your team’s effective hourly rate was only about $20/hour and thus not profitable anyway!

YES — you want to hire a Virtual Assistant so you can offload busywork and get more things done, however… delegating non-important work should not be a priority over DOING the important work!

There’s a quote I love from Geoff Woods from the the1Thing. He says…


Many of us feel like we need to do MINOR things in order to make room for MAJOR things.

But this is backwards.

Like bed bugs feasting on your legs at night… minor things multiple and spread everytime you give them attention!

  1. Take your eyes and look to what is truly NORTH in your life.

2. Turn your gaze away from the immediate as often as you need to —

3. Make sure you are intimately away of your biggest, highest value goal.

4. Ask yourself: Who do you need to be today, in order to attract that ultimate goal?

Become that person now!

Learn more about my coaching methods here:
(👉🏼 Watch this video to learn more)

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig


Unlike earth, your internal “NORTH” can change!


Depending on how long you’ve been on your path and how out of touch are from your soul… you may find that your passion/fulfillment/purpose can change!

So you need to honestly and regularly make sure you know what you really want and not just go through the motion of what you used to want…


Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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