I Love Old Head Dreamers

I love old head dreamers…

Stubborn non-compromising folk who allow their childlike idealistic imaginations to silence the voice of their inner critic, fear or even logic.

For logic and common sense are just… common.



Approved and Safe.

Where everything is kept in order.

Nicely packaged in compartments.

Receiving no flack or push back so you don’t have to fight the emotional battle; the social conflict that comes from standing up and pursuing a sight unseen by those who do not dream…

Oh, how I love old head dreamers.

Old in the sense they are no longer young. No longer naive to the struggle of life, yet somehow they have made it out from dark times still gripping possibilities…

Whether we actually make it to the goal in this life, or we just live with integrity of soul that refuses to surrender or let go…

Let’s just keep dreaming.

Dreaming in the day with eyes wide open.

Lining up our actions with our visions and placing out attention to only that which edifies and empowers us to continue.


Create a Great Day!- AC
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