The 1Thing has become one of my favorites podcasts lately.

I love the questions that the hosts, Geoff Woods, asks.

He has a gift for asking probing and clarifying questions and dropping provoking quotes from Gary Keller.

One of the recurring quotes is on the monotony of success.

But for some reason, the idea kept flying over my head.

It never made any impression on me until yesterday.

The idea is this:

If you can endure the monotony of success … you can succeed.

( … or something like that. )

Another way of staying it is “doing the right thing gets boring.”

And only those who can endure the boring and yet right things, will achieve what they truly want.

Make sense?

Another way to explain is that, even when we have the most exciting breakthroughs, they will eventually lose their thrill… and yet you have to just keep pressing on.

* So here’s how this smacked me in the face. *

re: My daily email.

I discovered months ago that writing daily emails is a “marketing super power” : [ a place where strengths collide with passions and lead to profit ]

But I didn’t notice that as the months continued… it became monotonous.


… Strange because I thoroughly enjoy it.

And so my 7 day commitment dropped to 5 days...

…and from 5 day to 2 on some weeks.

The monotony had gotten to me.

Have you ever noticed this in yourself?

At first, you are excited about a discovery that can bring breakthrough!

But eventually it gets routine and perhaps ‘meh’.

So who do you have to keep your eyes on the prize?

But I do believe accountability and coaching is something we can.

You can collaborate with friends, create a mastermind… or chat with me.

Either way, preparing to endure the monotony of success is a worthwhile plan.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig
Design That Speaks!

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Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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