The Rise of Chatbot Marketing

I built my first chatbot because I didn’t want to lose my job.

Maybe that’s a bit of an irrational stretch.

The true demise of my work to an army of robots is probably a few years away. 😉

Shucks… most people don’t ever know what a chatbot is so why am I even concerned?!

As a digital marketing coach, consultant, (and nerd) I can’t help but be aware of the new and shiny.

But unlike most marketing innovations that simply enhance attention and discovery, chatbots are potentially a human replacing technology.

Chatbots, AI, NLP are all capable of replacing white-collar, college educated, sales, and support professionals.

(Queue the stats)

Perhaps things won’t change much for 10–20 years.

Maybe it will just be a mass down-sizing, a workforce reducing virus where only a few linchpins remain.

So who really know what will happen?

I would say, those most knowledgeable to understand artificial intelligence (AI) and offer something of irreplaceably human will be most resilient.

Today I’m excited to be an early adopter

As a marketer, I can see possible a landgrab of underpriced attention and ROI.

Even if it’s for a short time it would be worth it.

Chosen right, and invested strong, the arbitrage can be delicious. :)

For instance, think about those who were early into Google Adwords.

Though untested or proven, in 2005 the early adopters were buying traffic at .05 per click.

Wouldn’t that have been a nice wave to ride even for a few weeks??

In 2007 I joined Twitter. But wasn’t bullish on the platform. I was casual.

I didn’t sense the future nor take advantage when competition was nascent.

As a spectator I’ve seen the rise and fall of many internet brands but the trajectory of innovate has been conistent.

As Moore’s Law prophesy’s the accelerate of processors to catch human intelligence, should we just wait for the immanent to happen?

In the short I choose to participate for entrepreneurial benefits over consumer consumption.

I document the journey and look to grasp attention on the 1.2 billion user platform, Facebook Messenger.

I along with a tens of thousands of others’ look to find a slim advantage of unsaturated attention.

And so I built my bot. (

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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