The Sweet Spot of Interdependence

What does your independence do?

You are either free from something or someone.

Or you are free to choose, become or serve something or someone.

One speaks of disconnectedness and autonomy. The other of leadership.

17 years ago when I began to identify my career path as an entrepreneur and author, I carried around this idea for a book:

“Entrepreneurship: The Freedom to Serve”

I imagined…

That my abilities were a gift, and my independence brought a responsibility to improve the lives of others.

I longed to impact others the way I was impacted and inspired from books.

I wanted to personally support and encourage people individually in ways I had not been.

I remember seeking and searching to find the “secret” to success.

And what I found was frustration and disillusionment. But I also gained perspective…

Eventually I learned there are seasons of struggle and moments of opportunity.

Spring, summer, fall and winter.

I discovered how we are all a product of our environments and though some are given certain advantages, and other’s face incredible hardships that cannot be explained…

(1) We all can grow and become more than what we are.

I found that we all can find personal fulfillment by strengthening our strengths and bringing value to others.

(2) We each experience optimal living somewhere in the sweet spot of interdependence.

Knowing who God made us and pouring that into the needs of someone else…

And so today… I leverage my marketing skills to better communicate my belief in these ideas of growth and fulfillment.

I use my freedom to send emails, write books, give speeches, and whatever else needed to help others who have meaningful projects receive support, advice or encouragement.

And you?

On this day national independence…

I hope you will use your freedom to reject ideologies that limit you or box you in.

Find some way to discard the weight of your disappointments and failures.

If you are breathing, then it is not too late!!

Use your freedom to find that sweet spot of service and self-awareness.

Enjoying the journey, the dream and cherishing those who travel with you.

Create a Great Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Arvell Craig

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Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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