Trump vs Biden’s Email Marketing Strategy (+7 Shocking Differences)

Arvell Craig
2 min readOct 29, 2020

BACKSTORY: In the 2016 presidential elections, email was a controversial topic. Hilary Clinton’s email was leaked or hacked by Russian or something and it was on everyone’s radar.

I decided to sign up for both Trump and Hilary’s email list to see how their strategies differed.

Surprisingly there were HUGE differences between them and I wrote a short article here on Medium about it. (See that article here)

Now it’s 2020, and I just happen to be putting together a brand new class, teaching small business owners about how to do email marketing. So I decided to once again sign up for Trump and Biden’s email list.

This time the difference is shocking and in a different way.

I found 7-8 lessons that anyone can learn to improve their email marketing, specifically by looking into Trump’s team’s email marketing.

The Shocking Differences I Saw Were:

1. The aggressive in volume (ie, 8 emails in 1 day)
2. Changing the sender name (5+ different people sending email)
3. Constantly Change Offers with the Donations

Plus at least another 4 other fascinating lessons



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