Trump vs Biden’s Email Marketing Strategy (+7 Shocking Differences)

BACKSTORY: In the 2016 presidential elections, email was a controversial topic. Hilary Clinton’s email was leaked or hacked by Russian or something and it was on everyone’s radar.

I decided to sign up for both Trump and Hilary’s email list to see how their strategies differed.

Surprisingly there were HUGE differences between them and I wrote a short article here on Medium about it. (See that article here)

Now it’s 2020, and I just happen to be putting together a brand new class, teaching small business owners about how to do email marketing. So I decided to once again sign up for Trump and Biden’s email list.

This time the difference is shocking and in a different way.

I found 7-8 lessons that anyone can learn to improve their email marketing, specifically by looking into Trump’s team’s email marketing.

The Shocking Differences I Saw Were:

1. The aggressive in volume (ie, 8 emails in 1 day)
2. Changing the sender name (5+ different people sending email)
3. Constantly Change Offers with the Donations

Plus at least another 4 other fascinating lessons…

In fact, one other craziest differences was that 90% of TRUMP’S EMAILS went into my Primary Gmail box, while ALL BIDEN EMAILS were in the promotions tab!!

If you want to see what I learned, it’s apart of an email marketing class I’m offering, register for free: How to Turn Email into Sales

Email marketing is one of a few no-holds-bards types of marketing where you have the freedom to be aggressive and experimental.

I created this class on turning email into sales because many people do not understand how to take advantage of the power of email. For years, I’ve said email is where you make your profit, while ads are where you gain your customers and leads.

IF you don’t understand what I just said, SIGN UP for my class today!

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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