What to do vs Who to become

When pondering new goals most think only about what needs to be done to accomplish them.

Our eyes 👀 and ears 👂🏼 search for the right strategy, skills and resources.

And though acquiring knowledge and assistance is important, I’m now realizing there is a more critical part.

Becoming who you need to be

You see, your identity is a powerful factor.

For if you learn new skills but think and act in the old way, your behavior will return back to fit the old / the comfortable / the familiar.

So you need to ask yourself…

“what kind of person do I need to be to achieve on this new level”

“how must I think and act so that my comfort level can handle new pressures?”



Let me tell you something personal…

When I think back to the rise and fall of my SEO business from 2010–2013… I now see the problem in a new light 🔦.

I use to tell the story that I burnt out or didn't like the stress of managing the growth…

I would blame the incoming lawsuits or Google’s algorithm changes Penguin and Panda.

…but today I know better.

My identity didn't advance to or exceed the level that my business was at.

That’s the real story.

Though I never saw it before.

So now as I make plans for 2018, I’m auditing my thinking and believing…

Not just for 2018’s goals, but the man I need to become for my 2030 goals!!

If I want to coach, pastor or create content that empowers millions, I must be the person who can handle pressure, popularity, PR, positives or negatives that may comes with it.

But what about you…

Who do you need to be?

Create a Great Day!

…And Happy Thanksgiving!

Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks. https://arvellcraig.com

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