Your Business Must Focus on the Fruit that Hangs Low

Sometimes you just want a quick win.

An easy “Yes”

A no brainer.

But with your ads turned off, staff laid off, marketing budget cut… it’s going to take a bit of effort to get some sales this month.

Trust me. I understand your pain.

Before armageddon, I was scheming Facebook ads to sell my chatbot course, but then all my extra cash dried up like a raisin in the sun…

So I dust off my hustler’s hat. 🎩

Lace up my GaryVee sneaks.

And begin to get scrappy to get more clients.

NOTE: If you’re able to hunker down, do nothing, and peel a slice of your 6 month emergency plan, God bless you! When I grow up I hope I can be like you. But you minus well just skip this article. Cause it’s not really for you!

To the entrepreneurial alchemist who’ve found themselves looking to turn lead into gold before the magical stimulus checks appear.

You likely already have what you’re looking for.

Somewhere in the crevices of your database… email, postal, phone, CRM, or social profiles… there’s a pocket of people who need what you have.

There is a win-win-win potential that’s possible without throwing money at Hotel Facebook.

You just need a little direction.

You need a guide who’s been there before to show you what’s under your nose.

I decided to put together a mini-training on some strategies that’s helping me and my clients.

I’ll share more details tomorrow.

However, if you want, you can pre-register here.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

Fascinated by the connection of Personal Development and Business Growth — CEO/Founder of Chatbot Funnels, Design That Speaks.

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